Welcome Back Party

20 Nov 2021

Flyying Colours | Cable Ties | Teen Jesus & Jean Teasers | Grinding Eyes | Pinch Points | Kilroy

Celebrate the beginning of the second half of the academic year at ANU with Flyying Colours, Cable Ties, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Grinding Eyes, Pinch Points and Kilroy.

Heavily inspired by the loud, fuzzy guitars of shoegaze groups like Ride and the sweet melodies of dream pop artists like Slowdive, Melbourne’s Flyying Colours formed in 2013 to make their own version of the sounds they loved. The band is built around the guitars and vocals of Brodie J Brümmer and Gemma O’Connor joined by bassist Melanie Barbaro and drummer Andy Lloyd Russell. The band signed to Poison City Records in 2020, and released their second album ‘Fantasy Island’ earlier this year.

Cable Ties take the three-minute punk burner and stretch it past breaking point to deliver smouldering feminist anthems. Post-punk and garage rock hammered together by a relentless rhythmic pulse. Three friends summoning a tide to deliver anthems that turn latent anxieties into a rallying cry. Their second album Far Enough was released in March 2020 through Poison City Records in Aus/NZ.

Local favourites Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are renowned for their knack for crafting gritty, nostalgic grunge pop. Their most recent single ‘Desk Chair’ follows a theme of self-sabotage and chasing mundane forms of affection through the personal insecurities experienced during teenage years.

Hailing from Sydney Australia, Grinding Eyes combine Psychedelic Shoegaze Drone-Rock and ambient Garage-Punk in a uniquely dark soundscape. Their second album ‘Taste the Monochrome’ was released on Poison City Records in May this year, backing up strongly from their critically acclaimed self-titled album in 2018.

According to J. Edward Keyes ‘Melbourne’s Pinch Points blend the best elements of early Wire, The Fall, and Kleenex into a barbed-wire coil of sound that’s as loose and springy as it is dangerously serrated… they’ve found a way to merge protest music with party music—think “Rock Lobster,” if it were about overthrowing the government.’ We couldn’t put it better if we tried.

Rounding out the bill are Canberra post-punk standard-bearers Kilroy who’s latest EP ‘Good as Gold’ offers a taste of the best of New Order, jangle-pop, and the Dunedin sound.

Manning Clark Hall


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