Sister Nancy

10 Mar 2023

Sister Nancy (Jamaica) Meets Legal Shot (France)

The Original ‘Bam Bam’ female Deejay straight outta Jamaica – Sister Nancy returns to Australia alongside France’s rub-a-dub sound Legal Shot

In the world of Jamaican music, where female icons are few but mighty, Sister Nancy’s original voice has resonated for decades.

The first female DJ, singer to earn enough respect to rock the microphone live in the dancehalls of Kingston. Her all-time Dancehall classic, and much sampled “Bam Bam” has reverberated globally, cementing her status as a living legend. 

After a 40 year long career, her voice maintains. Sister Nancy is a pioneering singer and an unstoppable force. A real bad gyal, she embodies femininity and independence and will be lighting up stages with her inimitable show.

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