Simple Pleasures Jack Irvine

31 May 2021

Appreciating the small things in life is the inspiration behind Melbourne-based artist Jack Irvine’s vibrant exhibition, Simple Pleasures.

This dynamic solo show at aMBUSH Gallery displays over two dozen paintings full of colour and movement, produced in a bold, animated style that’s sure to elicit smiles.

The works transport the audience to multi-coloured worlds that explore what many will identify as life’s daily joys – sunshine, road trips, freedom, nature, and the enjoyment of reading and watching television – things that Jack took for granted before the pandemic hit.

Completed during Melbourne’s lengthy lockdown in 2020, the paintings were created with a foundation of humour, sentimentality and a sense of endearment. Jack describes the subject matters in Simple Pleasures as “Things that encapsulate positive memories throughout my life. Things that before the pandemic I lacked appreciation for, and in hindsight I’ve realised how amazing those times were.”

Influenced by artists who used a lot of colour, including greats like Keith Haring, Basquiat, and Ozzie Wright (the Australian surfer and artist whom Jack idolised during his childhood in Sydney), Jack has even found inspiration in sketches by Picasso.

Jack has been sought out by some of the biggest breakout music acts globally to create artwork for their merch, including Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan and BENEE. He has also been an artist in residence the past two years for the perennially important Laneway Festival.

In addition to his acrylic on canvas works and screen prints – all of which will be for sale at Simple Pleasures – Jack will also be displaying art he created for Australian surf music and garage rock trio, Skegss, with whom he began collaborating five years ago, developing the band’s distinct visual identity, album covers, posters and merchandise

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