Reg Mombassa Psychedelic Realism

5 Dec 2019


Psychedelic Realism is a dreamlike journey through landscapes, absurdity and the sheer magic of art – documenting decades of works, both new and old, from one of Australia’s most loved and renowned artists, the inimitable Reg Mombassa (aka Chris O’Doherty).

Showcasing over 70 of Reg’s diverse pieces, the solo exhibition consists of his favoured forms and themes – suburban and rural landscapes, graphic works and absurd allegorical narratives.

The subject matters are wide-ranging and include self-portraits (including the Archibald-nominated Self-portrait with high pants), and many recognisable characters from his prolific days as a Mambo artist, such as Australian Jesus and Space Monster, plus robots, houses, and scenes of the Australian and New Zealand countryside.

The exhibition is open free of charge to the public all summer, showing daily from 10am-6pm weekdays and 12pm-5pm on weekends, and will close on Saturday 29 February.

Reg Mombassa – In Conversation

To celebrate the close of Psychedelic Realism, aMBUSH Gallery presents ‘Reg Mombassa In Conversation’. Speaking with Reg about his decorated career will be Ruth Waller, ANU School of Art and Design Professor, and Joseph Nuttal, ANU School of Art and Design student.

On Wednesday 26 February, aMBUSH Gallery will host a daytime session at 1pm for students in the gallery, with a 6pm session open to the general public held in the Cultural Centre, T2. Both events are free of charge.

Register your interest to, or RSVP to the Facebook event.

And for all the Dog Trumpet fans, Reg & Peter will be playing a gig on the 28th February. Secure tickets here.

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