Pub Choir

1 Aug 2023

Pub Choir is the unbelievable, hilarious, extremely low pressure show that proves to anybody, no matter
how much of a dud musician they are, that singing is easy. Will you become a good singer by the end of
the show? Absolutely not! But will you have a lovely time with a bunch of strangers who don’t give two
toots about your weird voice? Definitely.
Led by song witch (the good kind), Astrid Jorgensen, Pub Choir is heading across Australia to ask the
question, Can You Relax?! Come and unclench your jaw for an evening as we unite thousands of people
across the nation with one mega singalong. 15 cities sharing one epic tune? There will be chaos, there
will be laughs, and you WILL feel better.
What song will we learn? Eh. Who cares. Can You Relax? We’ll figure it out on the night. Grab a ticket,
bring your mouth, we’ll do the rest!
18+ show
Standing event
Accessible venue – please contact venue directly with any accessibility requirements

1st Show – July 31st

2nd Show -August 1st

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