PACHANGA! Urban Latin Roots [Raio De Sol 10 Year Fiesta]

18 Nov 2023

A huge outdoor street party from local community samba band Raio De Sol showcasing URBAN LATIN + ROOTS music from the Canberra community! A HUGE 8 (!) bands a dance groups decent on Kambri @ ANU representing the street sounds of REGGAE, CUMBIA, SKA, AFROBEAT, LATIN ROCK, SAMBA, JAZZ + FUNK! 

This event celebrates local community band RAIO DE SOL’s 10 years of existence – and in keeping with their spirit of community, diversity and inclusion – it’s 100% free and community based! The band has hand picked legends from our diverse musical city that will help us all celebrate with authentic street party roots + culture!  

  • Your hosts RAIO DE SOL (Samba + Street Percussion)
  • THIS WAY ORKESTRA (Afrobeat + Ska + Jazz)
  • LOS CHAVOS (Latin Ska + Reggae)
  • CHICHARRITA CLUB (Latin Rock + Cumbia)
  • ZAMBEZI SOUNDS (African Roots + Reggae)
  • HIT-N-MISS (West African Percussion)
  • BALIA CHILE (South American Dance)
  • MOMPOSINA (Colombian Roots Dance Crew)
  • DJ DEDE DA CRUZ (Latin +Salsa + African)

WHEN: 6pm – 11pm

WHERE: KAMBRI @ ANU (next to Badger & Co)

RAIO DE SOL (your hosts)
Raio de Sol is Canberra’s community samba band – playing rhythms that will get your feet dancing, bring joy to your heart and a smile to your face. We play massed acoustic percussion beats that are intoxicating, vibrant and for everyone, young and old. Raio de Sol is a group with heart – a big, bold, warm and welcoming heart that embraces community. Raio de Sol – meaning ‘sunbeam’ in Portuguese – is apolitical, non-religious and non-discriminatory and welcomes anyone from all walks of life to join.

Having been a part of CBR’s musical landscape for over 14 years, Los Chavos are proud to be on the vanguard of original urban latin music in Australia. The bands studio releases in 2008 + 2012 are tight testament to their live sound and unique vision – showcasing the bands signature energy coupled with complex arrangements and a variety of Afro-Latin rhythms such as cumbia, dub/reggae, merengue, timba and chakarera but never straying too far from their ska/reggae roots.

Canberra’s very own enclave of Afrobeat + Ska + Reggae sounds – this 10-piece orchestra combines the mighty Afro-Funk of Nigeria’s Fela Kuti with a tight brass section and heavy jazz + ska grooves! From West Belconnen to West Africa and beyond, this musical collective will keep your nyash shaking! Originally formed in 2012 by Nicholas Combe and Simon Milman – two stalwarts of the local jazz and reggae scene in Canberra – the band recorded their debut EP as “NYASH” the same year and played around the ACT. 7 years later the band has reformed with original members and some great new additions, including a frontman Jim Sharock on vocals and percussion – flexing new musical influences beyond ska and Afrobeat to include reggae, ethio-jazz, and dub.

Chicharrita Club is a 6-piece Tropical Latin Rock band formed in Canberra during 2020 + made up of members from Peru and Australia. Their melodic, guitar-driven, Peruvian psychedelic sound extends the roots of chicha to the far reaches of Australia. Also known as Peruvian cumbia – Chicha fuses the tropical sounds of cumbia with the traditional Andean sounds of huayno. Additional influences from international genres such as surf and psychedelic rock, salsa, give Chicha a distinct sound. Chicha music was born in Lima at the end of the 1960s.

Come and experience a night of Nyami Nyami mbira sound and the Zambezi river drumming – Afro and Reggae vibes to dance to. Irresistable rhythms, oodles of charm, palpable enjoyment, Zambezi Sounds is music for lovers of culture, for owners of dancing feet, for letting your hair down, for reviving your soul and reminding yourself what a beautiful world we live in.

DJing is ‘right of passage’ for Dede – a chance to share with audiences the myriad of the Transatlantic and Afro Latin Sounds, music, dance and culture. With a long history in broadcasting and events – Dede brings a wealth of passion and knowledge to any dancefloor. Those who know – KNOW!

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