On Country: Our Story, Our Strength Exhibition at Gallery, Kambri

20 May 2024

On Country: Our Story, Our Strength is an immersive exhibition showcasing the celebration of Aboriginal women who are, or have been employed though entry level programs in the Australian Public Service (APS). These immersions will be shared, through On Country story of renewal using various mediums such as paint, song, music, poetry, photography, smell, sight, sound bite, vision, touch, drawing. There will be booklets, artifacts and papers.

It showcases several key visions:

  • the strength, tenacity and spirit of First Nations women for the APS and shares our Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • my story of reflexivity, praxis and intersectionality through education and employment as the presenter of the exhibition
  • the importance of inter racial relational leadership and how this matters for SES and other leaders told through story
  • First Nations mentors and their unwavering positions within the APS program told through their story lenses.

The Gallery is on Level 2, Kambri Cultural Centre, Building 153, University Ave, Acton ACT 2601 (above Harry Hartog book shop). Paid parking is available underneath and accessed via Kingsley Ave.

Exhibition is on till 8pm 23 May

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