Music on the Greens Small Town Alien

28 Mar 2021

Music on the Greens – Small Town Alien

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon we’ll bring you top-notch talent, from up-and-coming DJs to bands, solo acts and everything in between – you name it, we’ve got it! You might just get the chance to see the next big thing, right here on the lawns of Kambri!

Small Town Alien is a band that’s all about making people not bored, in a variety of different genres. From rock’n’roll, to funk, to historical reggae, the only constant in their shows is change, reflecting the fundamental force of reality. With 7 albums and 7 singles under their belt, one can never be sure which songs will pop up in a set, which makes every show exciting and unique. Performing at Kambri from 1pm – 3pm on Sun March 14, this will be Small Town Alien’s maiden Canberra performance. Everybody’s welcome.

March 28 Sunday.

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