Mellessa Raymond live art session

19 Feb 2021

Catch a real-time glimpse at the artistic practice of artist Mellessa Raymond this Friday 19th February as she conducts a live art session at Kambri.

All are welcome to observe and interact with Mellessa as she works on a new painting, with viewers able to gain an insight into her fascinating self-developed technique, which relies on being present in the moment as she organically builds layer upon layer on her works, allowing her inner voice and intuition to guide the brush, pen or pencil.

Born in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and living in Sydney, Mellessa has endured an arduous journey over the past twelve years, battling three brain tumours and five surgeries, altering virtually every aspect of the life she had known before.

Reinventing herself physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and artistically, Mellessa’s naturally vibrant and courageous personality shines through.

Come and meet her at the live painting session between 2:30pm–6:30pm on Level 1 of the Marie Reay Teaching Centre – it’s part of the summer-long HERE I AM: Art by Great Women festival at Kambri, inspired by the Know My Name initiative and in a cultural partnership between Kambri at ANU, aMBUSH Gallery, and the National Gallery of Australia.

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