Mellessa Raymond Creative Expression workshops

18 Feb 2021

Come together to unwind and take part in an inspiring free Creative Expression painting class led by Sydney-based artist Mellessa Raymond, as part of the HERE I AM: Art by Great Women festival.

ANU Thrive invite students to enjoy the process of expressing their creativity spontaneously in one of Mellessa’s two workshops. All materials are provided – simply turn up ready to unleash your artistic flair!

The classes will be held on:

Thursday 18th February from 3:30pm-5:30pm (Room 5.02 of Marie Raey Teaching Centre)

Friday 19th February from 11:30am-1:30pm (Room 5.02 of Marie Raey Teaching Centre)

The technique developed is Mellessa’s own and stems from her personal experience after suffering from significant physical trauma and finding her way back to productivity and positivity through painting.

The structure of the classes will be:

· Introduction

· Short guided meditation and breathing technique

· An explanation and discussion of freeform art exercise and the desired goal

· The painting/practical creative process

· Sharing of work from those participants who are comfortable to discuss their work with the class.

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About Mellessa:

Born in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and living in Sydney, Mellessa Raymond has endured an arduous journey over the past twelve years as she battled three brain tumours and five surgeries, altering virtually every aspect of the life she had known before.

Reinventing herself physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and artistically, Mellessa’s naturally vibrant and courageous personality has ultimately allowed her to view the experience as a cathartic one.

Her process relies on being present in the moment as she organically builds layer upon layer on her works, allowing her inner voice and intuition to guide the brush, pen or pencil.

Mellessa describes her art making as “a purging and expulsion of raw emotion and feeling”. The result is beauty, depth and honesty born out of adversity and human experience.

Quantrelle is the platform Mellessa founded for people from all backgrounds and situations who wish to build their careers as artists, gain financial independence and express their emotions through art, via creative expression classes.

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