Lucy Sugerman & Reverend Bones The Golden Planet Tour

30 Apr 2021

Two of Canberra’s most exciting acts are teaming up for a quick-fire tour to celebrate the launch of their upcoming singles — Lucy Sugerman’s golden boy and Reverend Bones’s Captain Planet.

Visually inspired by her Vietnamese heritage and sonically inspired by classic songwriters from the 60s and 70s, Sugerman lets the listener into her world through relatable tales of struggles and triumphs in romance and growing up, showing people that they are not alone, and capturing the humour and spirit of learning from your experience. With airy vocals and memorable hooks, Sugerman’s catchy confessional pop has already seen her first two releases  ‘i wanna kiss boys cause i’m bored’ and ‘colour blind’ spotlighted by triple j Unearthed and added to Spotify’s New Music Friday AU & NZ and Indie Pop playlists.

Leaning towards a darker shade of feeling, Reverend Bones is expelling his personal demons with songs inspired by his search for meaning after leaving the religious fundamentalism of his youth. Exploring the edges of rock, psych, country and gospel, Bones brings together manic preacher energy with a silky falsetto and a heart of gold. He performs live with his band, The Exvangelicals, who contain some of Canberra’s finest and hardest-working musicians. Releasing one song every month of 2021, Reverend Bones’s first three singles Tycoon, Cover The Camera and History Repeats have all been picked up by triple j.

Sugerman and Bones share a mutual respect for each other’s songcraft, musicality and lyricism. They’re excited to team to celebrate their new singles by bringing you a sensational evening of catchy pop and anthemic rock with The Golden Planet Tour.

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