Kurt Vile with RVG

17 Apr 2019

Mistletone and Yours & Owls presented singer and songwriter supreme, Kurt Vile, bringing his Violators to Canberra with special guests, RVG.

One of the most critically and commercially acclaimed artists of the last decade, Kurt Vile released Bottle It In on Friday, 12 October via Matador Records/Remote Control.

A sprawling new jammer titled Bassackwards follows previously released Bottle It In single, Loading Zones, an ode to the parking challenges in Vile’s native Philadelphia, described alternately as “Vile at his comforting, shaggy best” (The Guardian), and an “ambiguous rumination on small town life” (MOJO). The epic, loping Bassackwards is the album’s beating heart and Vile’s most compelling evocation of how he sees the world: “I was on the ground circa Planet Earth, but out of sorts,” he sings over a gently psychedelic bed of backmasked guitars. “But I snapped back, baby, just in time to jot it down.”

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