ITSONLYTINO Music on the Greens

15 Mar 2024

Gerald Tinovonga Chitsunge, known professionally as ITSONLYTINO, is a Zimbabwean-born Australian singer, rapper, producer, and instrumentalist. Born in Harare and raised in Dubbo, New South Wales, his exposure to a multitude of cultural influences has shaped his broad and eclectic appreciation for music. He began his journey playing multiple instruments on stage for church services and school performances. He then started producing music at the age of 13 and released his first single under the alias “Issadream” at the age of 14. At 15, he combined his love for musical composition and live performance by forming a jazz-fusion band called “Salmon Pink.” This band played multiple live shows in Dubbo, helping to grow Gerald’s understanding of musical principles and advance his live performance skills. Since then, he has moved to Canberra to pursue a Bachelor of Music and Commerce at the ANU while working meticulously on upcoming projects.

15 March

Performing Friday from 12:00pm on Kambri Lawns

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