It’s not you, it’s the system: Toxic workplace cultures

4 May 2021

Yumiko Kadota and Rasi Gupta

Yumiko Kadota is a medical doctor from Sydney. She resigned from public hospital work after experiencing burnout and now works in medical education and private health. Her story entered mainstream media after she blogged in February 2019 about her experiences as a trainee in the health system, opening with the words: ‘I never thought I would say this, but I broke. I give up. I am done. I am handing back my dream of becoming a surgeon.’

Nowadays she’s rebuilding herself, starting with her health. She blogs on a wide range of topics that reflect her various interests; ecowarrior, yogi, bookworm.

Rasi Gupta is a qualified doctor, and an art and creativity lover. Making a switch from pursuing a full-time clinical practice to a desk job was a choice Rasi made in order to better balance her life and passions. Rasi has found success in her choices because she has experienced reduced stress, fixed work hours, and a comfortable work environment, that have left her with both financial security and enough free time to chase creative projects. One such creative project is Rasi’s lifestyle blog called ‘Wacky Vanilla’, where she dabbles in a number of DIY projects related to fashion and interior decoration.

She Leads In-Conversation events aim to provide the community with the opportunity to hear from women leaders from different backgrounds and industries, in a conversational format, followed by a live Q&A session and networking.

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