INSIGHT OUT Exhibition Avenue

8 Mar 2021

INSIGHT OUT is a visually stimulating and highly innovative exhibition showcasing interdisciplinary collaboration across ANU.

On display at the Kambri precinct public art space – Exhibition Avenue – from 8 March until 2 July 2021, this one-of-a-kind group show is presented by Kambri at ANU, and is in partnership with ANU Learning Communities and aMBUSH Gallery.

INSIGHT OUT experiments with the communication of ideas via the medium of art, and demonstrates the benefits of teamwork across diverse fields of study by combining ANU’s globally renowned academic research with the creativity of students from the ANU School of Art and Design.

The project paired 24 visual arts students with an academic undertaking research at one of the University’s seven academic Colleges: Arts and Social Sciences; Asia and the Pacific; Business and Economics; Engineering and Computer Science; Health and Medicine; Law; and Science.

Each pair met at length to discuss the academic’s research and interests, and consider ways in which the most vital elements of the information could be conveyed to the general public. The artists were then given stylistic freedom to represent the research visually, in the form of a physical artwork. The resulting works traverse a range of disciplines, including painting, illustration, photography, and digital art.

The research topics include: memory and truth, heritage rock art, the regulation and governance of food policies, the mechanics of the human knee, blockchain, stillbirth, solar cells, archaeology, global health and infectious diseases, representations of youth by the media, communication in medical settings, and artificial intelligence, to name a few.

Decals placed on the ground in front of each artwork summarise statements from the artist, allowing viewers to gain a greater understanding of how the artistic interpretation came about and the academic study behind it. QR codes will link to more in-depth research papers and information that inspired the art.

INSIGHT OUT is a fiercely collaborative project that will appeal to all segments of the community, no matter what their interests or field of knowledge. It is free and accessible to the general public 24 hours, seven days a week.

The INSIGHT OUT program was developed by LC Student Ambassador Jaz Matz in an effort to incorporate the LC creative arts and cultures into all fields of the University. The program was to do this in a visible and significant way for both artists and academics. By initiating both professional and personal relationships across the University, it is hoped that the impact of the program will be long-lasting and mutually beneficial for both participants and that the exhibition will spark conversations between viewers.

For more information follow Kambri at ANU, aMBUSH Gallery, and ANU Learning Communities on Facebook and Instagram.

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