In the Fight Humanity and Tribal Conflict in PNG

22 Mar 2022

This is a free, public event.

Join the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Head of ICRC Mission in Papua New Guinea Dominik Urban at the opening of In the Fight: Humanity and Tribal Conflict.

In The Fight is a journey through the deep-rooted historical and cultural complexities of tribal warfare in one of Australia’s closest neighbours. It is a story of resilience and the communities who are working with the ICRC to minimise the humanitarian consequences of being ‘in the fight’.

Here you will meet the nuns who act as negotiators, helping resolve disputes. Nurses who provide aid to the wounded. Teachers who rally communities to rebuild schools destroyed by fighting. Students, who as former fighters have returned to school to warn against turning to violence. Mediation, education, redress, are many ways communities advocate for peace.

Dominik Urban will speak about the work of local communities and the ICRC, assisting those impacted by tribal fighting

Please note that Kambri is a Covid-safe venue operating according to current government rules and regulation. Face masks are required for this event.

Mr. Dominik Urban, Head of Mission, ICRC PNG Mission

Mr. Dominik Urban is the Head of Mission for the ICRC in Papua New Guinea since November 2019. He has extensive international experience having been with the ICRC in various roles since 2002.

Prior to his current appointment, Dominik was in charge of ICRC operations in Eastern Malaysia. He spent several years in Myanmar, serving as Head of Protection and later as Deputy Head of Delegation. There, he also led ICRC response as a result of the latest outbreak of violence in Rakhine State in October 2016.

Dominik holds a degree as Master of Arts in Modern South & Southeast Asian Studies and Business Administration from Humboldt University Berlin and Freie University in Berlin, qualifications in Sociology and served as non-commissioned officer with the German Military Police.

About the ICRC

The ICRC helps people around the world affected by armed conflict and other violence, doing everything we can to protect their lives and dignity and to relieve their suffering, often with our Red Cross and Red Crescent partners. The ICRC’s Australian Mission forms part of the ICRC’s Regional Delegation in the Pacific, based in Suva, Fiji. In Australia, the ICRC fosters support for our global operations and promotes international humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles.

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