Jess Hill In conversation with

21 Feb 2022

ANU Meet the Author Series

Award-winning author, Jess Hill will be in conversation with Virginia Hausseger on Jess’s Quarterly Essay, The ReckoningHow #MeToo is Changing Australia.

In 2021, Australia saw rage and revelation, as #MeToo powered an insurgency against sexism and sexual violence. From once isolated survivors to political staffers, women everywhere were refusing to keep men’s secrets. In this electrifying essay, Jess Hill traces the conditions that gave birth to #MeToo and tells the stories of women who – often at great personal cost – found themselves at the centre of this movement. Hill exposes the networks of backlash against them – in government, media, schools, and in our national psyche. This is a powerful essay about shame, secrecy and, most of all, a revolutionary movement for accountability.

“Here’s what men like Scott Morrison don’t understand: political spin has no power against the rage unleashed by #MeToo. At its heart, this is an accountability movement . . . The cultural revolution of #MeToo is not just about sexual violence. It is taking aim at patriarchy’s most sacred compact: the keeping of men’s secrets.”-Jess Hill.

Jess Hill is an investigative journalist and the author of See What You Made Me Do, a deep dive into the abuse so many women and children experience, which won the 2020 Stella Prize and the ABA Booksellers’ Choice Adult Non-Fiction Book of the Year. Jess has been a producer for ABC Radio and journalist for Background Briefing, and Middle East correspondent for The Global Mail. Her reporting on domestic abuse has won two Walkley awards, an Amnesty International award and three Our Watch awards.

Virginia Haussegger AM, a passionate women’s advocate and journalist, is the former Chair and Founding Director of the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation, at the University of Canberra, where she is an Adjunct Professor. She is the host of BroadTalk, a podcast about women, power and leadership.

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