Holy Holy

26 May 2023

With a reputation as one of Australia’s best live acts, Holy Holy are proud to announce their upcoming national tour celebrating the release of their brand new single “Messed Up”. The song features a stunning performance from Kwame, who the band will be bringing on the road with them for this tour.

‘Messed Up’ is a daring move by the group. An arpeggiated synth floats under Kwame’s confessional lyrics before the rapper throws the shackles off and purges the line “Being with you feels so damn messed up!”, launching the track into a drum ‘n’ bass beast at 180 beats per minute.

Holy Holy will debut new material on this tour, alongside favourites from their growing catalogue of hits including True Lovers, How You Been, The Aftergone, Maybe You Know, Teach Me About Dying and Sentimental and Monday. The tour will also feature guests Medhanit.

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