How to Win an Election & The Future of Us Democracy and Demography:

4 Feb 2021

Join us at Kambri for a thought-provoking conversation with two of Australia’s leading academic analysts Chris Wallace & Liz Allen, whose recent publications are more topical than ever considering the current political scape nationally and internationally. This event will be sure to offer an insight and potential pathways for getting the best results from Australia’s democratic system.

Dr Chris Wallace is Associate Professor, 50/50 By 2030 Foundation, University of Canberra and a Visiting Fellow in the School of History, ANU. She is the author of several books, including biographies of Germaine Greer and John Hewson. Chris’s ANU doctoral thesis on political biography as political intervention is currently in preparation as a book titled ‘The Silken Cord: Australia’s Twentieth Century Prime Ministers & Their Biographers’. Her latest book How to Win an Election, spells out the ten things a political leader and their party must excel at to maximise the chance of success, and against which they should be accountable between and during elections.A first career as an economic and political journalist in the Canberra Press Gallery has contributed to Chris Wallace’s success in public-facing scholarly communications, including through The Conversation which has twice named her one of Australia’s ‘Top Thinkers’ (2017 and 2019)

Dr Liz Allen is a lecturer with the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods. She is a highly experienced demographer with an expertise spanning demography, social trends, and population health.Liz has extensive experience working in the public and university sectors. With a special interests in health and education inequalities, gender, and Indigenous demography – in 2018, Liz was appointed inaugural ABC Top 5 Humanities and Social Science Researcher. Her latest book The Future of Us: Demography gets a Makeover demonstrates that by tracing connections between a population’s past and present, demographers can foresee its future. The true wonder of demography, though, is not its ability to predict the future but to shape it. With energy and passion, demographer Liz Allen sets out the potential paths to make Australia better.

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