Book Launch: Augmented Reality by Mark Pesce

27 May 2021

The 3A Institute at the School of Cybernetics invites you to join us for the launch of the book, Augmented Reality: Unboxing Tech’s Next Big Thing by Mark Pesce.

Slated as ‘the next big thing in tech’, augmented reality promises to take the screen out of our hands and wrap it around the world via ‘smart spectacles’. As a pervasive, invisible interface between the world and our senses, AR offers unparalleled capacity to reveal hidden digital depths, but it also comes at a cost to our privacy, our property, and our reality.

In this crucial and provocative book, Mark Pesce draws on over thirty years’ experience to offer the first mainstream exploration of augmented reality. He discusses the exciting and beneficial features of AR as well as the issues and risks raised by this still-emerging technology – a technology that moulds us by shaping what we see and hear.

Join us from 5:30-7:00pm Thursday 27 May to hear from Mark Pesce and School of Cybernetics Director Genevieve Bell as they discuss key ideas from the book and the implications of augmented reality for our future. After the Q&A we welcome you to explore the aMBUSH Gallery, network with other guests over canapés, and purchase a copy of the book.

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