The Beasts (AKA The Beasts of Bourbon) with The Johnnys

7 Mar 2019

After an emotional final performance with the Beasts of Bourbon, Tex Perkins thought of getting the band’s members, past and present into a recording studio just to celebrate the band and see what resulted.

The result was a collection of pieces with names like Pearls Before Swine, My Shit’s Fucked Up, Drunk On A Train and On My Back, in a raucous celebration of their own Beastliness. Spencer was sadly only around long enough to make it onto one track. But what a track – witty observations from the hospital bed entitled At The Hospital. This new album Still Here isn’t The Beasts of Bourbon – it would need to have Jonesy on every track to be that!

But loudly and proudly this tour was The Beasts Still Here!

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