ArtHack by Openhack empowering female creatives

27 Nov 2020

It’s time to bring diverse changemakers and empower female creatives to make artistic dreams – reality.


ArtHack (creative ideas marathon) will facilitate physical and online platforms for ANU student engagement from any discipline and any college. The aim is to encourage students to come together physically and online and solve the current challenges in the Arts & Creatives industry which includes empowering females, creatives and artists during the global pandemic. It is a great way for students to relax with creative discussions after the exam sessions. Each hackathon event proves to be a source of inspiration to the participants and all engaged parties. With this ArtHack the focus is to encourage female participation in Arts and Technology by creating a safe space to act and follow one’s passion and make artistic dreams – a reality. We encourage diversity – all ANU students are welcome to participate physically and others who are interested can join the hackathon online.


Openhack 2020 Australia facilitates multidisciplinary innovative collaborations online and face-to-face among different actors in sectors that face challenges and need creative thinking and effective solutions. Openhack acts as a mediator to empower collaborative processes among actors contributing to sustainable development worldwide – based on Sustainable Development Goals – Agenda 2030. Openhack Hack4Future series of hackathons have been recognized as a peace-building movement to encourage multicultural and multidisciplinary collaboration worldwide.

24 hour event with start 11am on 27th November and end by 12pm 28th November

Friday (27th November)

11:00 am | Start – Opening ceremony & challenge revealed
12:00 pm | Team-up & Lunch
01:00 pm | Brainstorming workshop & Mentorship
03:00 pm | Blockchain for Art – session with Waves platform
05:00 pm | Dinner & mingle
06:00 pm | Pitching workshop
07:00 pm | Pitch your idea & get feedback
10:00 pm | Submit final team list

Saturday (28th November)

06:00 am | Doors open
07:00 am | Breakfast & mingle
08:00 am | Final pitching practice & feedback
09:45 am | Final pitch & solution submission (3min video of your solution & power point, docs, Github etc.)
10:00 am | Final pitch session – present your solution at the finals of ArtHack (@ANU & Online)
11:00 am | Global Awards Ceremony – announcing the winners:
*The Global Creatives Award,
*The Best Tech solution for Art,
*The Best Pitch.

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