ANU turns 75 Multiple Events

1 Aug 2021


On 1 August 1946, ANU was established by an Act of Federal Parliament. To this day, we are still the only university that has been created by the Parliament of Australia. Over the past 75 years, we have made a remarkable impact and contribution to our nation through our research, education and policy. We will launch our year-long 75th Anniversary celebrations by coming together as a community to celebrate on Sunday 1 August. This will coincide with the launch of our next strategic plan, signalling the direction of the University and reaffirming our national mission. Join us this year as we honour our past, celebrate our present and make our future. We invite you to participate in all of the free 75th Anniversary events on the 1-2 August that are highlighted below.

1-2 August ANU75 program
To kick off year-long celebrations, we have organised a series of fun and informative in-person community events on 1-2 August

ANU75: 75th Anniversary celebration – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 12–12.30pm — Register Now
Join the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and ANU community to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the University. This event will feature a performance by Tobias Cole and Chamber Choir from ANU School of Music and will conclude with the sharing of 75th birthday cake.

ANU75: History panel event and Our History – Living History Project launch – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 12.45–1.45pm — Register Now
To celebrate the launch of our year-long 75th Anniversary celebrations, ANU is hosting a history panel event to discuss ‘ANU then, now and 75 years from now ‘
Join Professor Ann McGrath, Professor Genevieve Bell and Professor Nicholas Brown with host Professor Mark Kenny to discuss the past, present and future of ANU.

ANU75: ANU by 2025 Strategic Plan launch – Mon 2 Aug 2021, 11am–12pm — Register Now
Please join the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor to launch the ANU by 2025 Strategic Plan in Kambri.
To honour the University’s 75th anniversary, ANU will launch its ANU by 2025 Strategic Plan to chart the next five years with bold ambitions for ANU and the nation we serve. Over the past 75 years, we have become one of the world’s finest research universities, validating the vision of the nation-builders who founded ANU in 1946.

ANU75: Pop up talk with Professor Shiro Armstrong on the economy – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 11–11.30am — Register Now
Join Professor Shiro Armstrong as he discusses securing Australia’s economic future and what role ANU can play in making it a success.
Topic: Then (1946) and now in Australian trade
Synopsis: The centre of global economic gravity continues to shift towards our region and ANU needs big and bold thinking, and to work closely with our neighbours, including China, to ensure the next 75 years of engagement are as productive as were the last 75.

ANU75: Classics Museum Tour – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 11am–12pm — Register Now
Explore over 600 artefacts from the ancient Mediterranean world through a guided tour at the ANU Classics Museum! In this tour, you’ll get to delve into the history, everyday lives and experiences of the people living in the classical world.

ANU75: ANU historic furniture collection interactive set – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 11am – Mon 2 Aug 2021, 4pm — Register Now
Immerse yourself in the 1950s-1960s ANU experience! Explore the ANU historic furniture collection, created by designers Fred Ward, Derek Wrigley and ANU Design Unit from 1954-1977.

ANU75: ANU art and architecture tour – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 2–4pm — Register Now
Join Amy Jarvis and Claire Sheridan to explore the architects, art, designs, and disagreements which helped to create the spectacular University you see today! Our ANU campus has over 150 buildings, ranging from early Federal Capital style to modernist design, and more recently to buildings with an emphasis on sustainability. Please meet 10 mins prior to the event at the entrane of ANU School of Music.

ANU75: Live science show by Dr Graham Walker – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 11.30am–2.30pm — Register Now
Join Dr Graham Walker for a special open-air live science experience, part lecture but mostly science show.
Strap yourself in for a wild ride through a series of physics and chemistry as we blast, launch, laugh, ignite and explode our way through of series of astonishing experiments – including some to celebrate 75 years of our ANU. We’ll ‘rocketise’ innocent soft drink bottles, launch teddy-bears with liquid nitrogen, create marshmallow-firing weapons of mass suction, create some jolly big (safe) explosions… and heaps more! It’ll be pant-wettingly exciting!

ANU75: Kids space – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 11am–3pm – Register Now
Test your archaeology skills by digging up some treasures, enjoy arts and crafts workshops with Gecko Gang and learn juggling, hula hoop, plate spinning, staff, poi, trick sticks, diabolo with Warehouse Circus. This event will have four sessions: 11-11.45am, 12-12.45pm, 1-1.45pm and 2-2.45pm, therefore please register soon to book your place.

ANU75: Pop up talk with Professor Anna Moore on space – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 2–2.30pm — Register Now
Join Professor Anna Moore as she expertly deliniates nature of ongoing space race and identifies Australia’s role in nexgen interstellar communication. Topic: Australia’s place in the latest space race. Synopsis: Rapidly declining launch costs have democratised access to space and a reinvention of who and what is done in space is underway globally. Australia marches into this arena with an albeit young space agency and domestic manufacturing base, but with much to offer, including a sophisticated R&D sector which will be the engine for our longer-term aspirations. Professor Anna Moore will introduce some of these possibilities including Australia becoming the hub for next generation communications throughout the solar system, to setting up the responsible use of space for generations to come.

ANU75: Pop up talk with Rebecca Colvin on climate change – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 2.45–3.15pm — Register Now
Hear from Professor Rebecca Colvin who will tackle the socio-polictical challenges that stand in the way dealing with climate change in Australia. Topic: Unravelling the social complexity of climate change. Synopsis: Climate change is a challenge for our species – chiefly for social and political reasons. Australia contends with the impacts of climate change atop a legacy of social-political division, which complicates efforts toward effective and enduring policy solutions. However, in recent years dramatic shifts in public opinion polling indicate a step-change in public attitudes toward climate change in Australia. Dr Bec Colvin will discuss ways of understanding and working with the complex social-political dimensions of climate change in Australia that open space for constructive engagement with climate action.

ANU75: ANU Film Group screening – Penguin Bloom (2020) – Sun 1 Aug 2021, 5pm — Register Now
Join the ANU Film Group for a screening of Penguin Bloom in Kambri’s Cinema at 5pm on Sunday 1 August.
Penguin Bloom (2020). 95 mins, PG (parental guidance). Samantha Bloom breaks her back in an accident and is paralysed from the chest down. A year later, her children bring home an injured magpie they have found. She cautiously approaches the magpie and begins to get acquainted with the new family member. Established in 1966, the ANU Film Group is one of the oldest and largest film societies in Australia. Screening over 150 films a year from a dedicated cinema in the Kambri Precinct, membership is open to all. Find out what’s on at

ANU75: Indigenous stargazing with Pete Swanton and Brad Tucker – Mon 2 Aug 2021, 7.30–8.30pm — Register Now
Did you know that Aboriginal peoples are considered the world’s first astronomers? Join Indigenous astronomer Pete Swanton and astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker on Fellows Oval to stargaze using telescopes to navigate the skies. You will get a chance to chat with Pete and Brad to learn about Australia’s rich and extensive history of stargazing and how it differs from Western methods that we often used today.  In the event of cloudy/bad weather, stargazing will be cancelled and all registrants will be contacted via Eventbrite.

Please note: These are in-person evenst, and according to ACT Health masks are recommended. If you do not feel well, have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case, or visited an identified COVID hotspot, we urge you to please get yourself tested and refrain from attending the event. ACT Health provide regular updates therefore, attendees are requested to review and follow their guidelines before attending

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