17 Feb 2020

No matter what your age or area of study, there are discoveries to be made by everyone at O-Week at Kambri!

Mixing fun with facts, the week is designed to help you meet new people, find your way around the campus, discover the services and supports available, and prepare for a year of study and leisure.

O-Week features student-run activities and a market day amongst more practical sessions, such as tips for studying effectively and managing your time, parking information, finding part-time and causal work, and staying healthy. It’s all aimed at helping you survive and thrive in your university life.

Come and get your zen on with free outdoor yoga and breakfast, take tours of the library and gymnasium, catch a free movie screening, indulge in an ice cream giveaway, join in an epic games night, and embrace the wild and wacky as part of a team in the annual scavenger hunt. There’s even a session on ‘How to Adult’!

Discover Kambri for yourself – it’s the cultural precinct that connects people through education, art, culture and social experiences, so you can explore, learn and innovate.

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