Welcome to Yori

Based in ANU Kambri, Yori was born to raise the bar of traditional bento. Yori has incorporated its culture and experience of various cuisines into each dish and uniquely created its own category called ‘Fusion Bento’.

Yori’s objective is to create a nostalgic yet refreshing meal that will make your taste buds think “WOW!”.

Are you looking for some delicious food that’s also good for you?
Are you looking for food you can take with you on the go?

Well look no further, order now!


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  1. Scan the QR code and select Orange box
  2. Choose your size
  3. Choose your dessert
  4. Choose your drink
  5. Choose your main

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Yori Catering

Why should you choose Yori for your events?

Yori doesn’t just deliver food, we also provide a complete catering solution.

Yori’s partners are experienced chefs and want to make sure you have the best experience. We are ready to listen anytime and will adjust to your needs.

We can cater from well-balanced fresh bento boxes to large event sushi platters.