THE HERO’S JOURNEY aMBUSH Gallery Art Prize 2020

aMBUSH Gallery in partnership with Kambri at ANU are launching The Hero’s Journey Art Prize 2020 – a time capsule exhibition and social experiment in one.

The Hero’s Journey is a classic narrative arc shared by almost every story ever told: a character ventures out to get what they need, faces conflict, and ultimately triumphs over adversity. The year 2020 is our hero’s journey, and aMBUSH Gallery want to know how artists have responded.

Life in countries all around the world has been thrown into uncertainty: the Australian bushfires, COVID-19, self-isolation, social distancing, Black Lives Matter protests, political acts of ignorance and infamy, swarms of locusts and killer bees, and the widespread global economic impacts from the pandemic, are just a few of the trials we’ve faced.

To document this important time in world history and understand how the call of 2020 has been heeded, aMBUSH Gallery are inviting visual artists, graphic designers, and digital agencies from around Australia to capture the essence of this year in the form of a poster. How does it feel? What does it look like? Is there treasure to be salvaged and lessons to be learnt? And what will life look like when we emerge from this tumultuous year?

Curated and presented by aMBUSH Gallery in partnership with Kambri at ANU, finalists will be chosen by aMBUSH to be featured in an online exhibition at Kambri. One winner will be selected by an independent panel to receive an AU$3,000 cash prize.

Dependant upon on social gathering restrictions for the remainder of the year, there may also be an exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery (Kambri at ANU) where finalists’ artwork will be printed, exhibited and sold on their behalf, with no commission taken on sales.

The Hero’s Journey Art Prize 2020 promises to be a compelling artistic examination of how the world has responded when unprecedented historical events forced us all to be heroes.

Visit for more information, and look for aMBUSH Gallery on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

View the artist callout doc here for more info on how to enter.