In the depths of winter 2020, the golden child of the week – Friday night – got even better thanks to Kambri at ANU!

Streaming free via Facebook from the incredible Manning Clark Hall came the innovative program ‘Music on the Screens’ – a series of dance party sets featuring ANU student DJs, singer/songwriters and bands filmed on stage with decks, lighting and an audio-visual show that made viewers feel like they were right there in the venue.

For two Fridays during July, viewers were invited to leave the week that was behind with a two-hour set from Vessel Collective, breezing through an eclectic array of genres.

Performers included Shad (afrobeats, house, funk), Destiny (city pop, house, Japanese funk), Mim (funky house), Pranav (YNG Daku) (techno, hiphop), Mami (techno, rave) and Jasmine (techno, tech house, house).

For the third and final week, in partnership with ANUSA, it was time for a virtual party, with Bush Week 2020 ending with a lineup of all-star ANU singer/songwriter talents performing 30-minute sets.

Recording the musical acts in Manning Clark Hall – Kambri’s world-class live music venue that normally plays host to bands such Hermitude and The Chats – gave students the rare chance to perform in a space they would not normally have access to.

Along with giving students a foot in the door to the music scene, Music on the Screens was also a way to put familiar faces from around the university in front of new audiences – the equivalent of taking an intimate bar scene and translating it to a large, professional venue.

The partnership with Vessel Collective and the ANU students who performed during Music on the Screens has been one of the most positive aspects to come from a difficult year. Vessel Collective’s aim is to give anyone with an interest the opportunity to get behind decks and build their confidence, no matter who they are or what they’re into, and in the process create an inclusive dance floor.

For more information on how you can get involved in Vessel Collective, find them on Facebook and Instagram @vessel_djcollective

As we seek new ways to connect and entertain online – in lieu of events and gatherings – Music On the Screens was a brilliant opportunity for ANU students to get their music out there in front of the hundreds of people who tuned in.

If you have a burning idea for any future online student-based content, please reach out and contact [email protected]