Following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, Kambri is open to the community and visitors to enjoy … in a safely distanced way!

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our lives. Being in isolation for almost two months during the national lockdown has shaped our experiences as students, employees, business owners, customers, friends, family members and citizens.

The great news is that it’s finally time to get back to life in a ‘COVID-19 safe’ world, and Kambri has adapted to the new and evolving needs in order to service the precinct’s community of ANU staff, students and visitors.

Many of the usual activities we were used to enjoying – going to the gym, shopping at leisure and eating out at restaurants and cafes – are no longer prohibited, though some restrictions still apply and there will be changes to the way we participate in them.

You can expect higher rates of cleaning across the precinct as well as less access to and use of communal items. Venues will also be reopening at a reduced capacity to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to, and there will be an increased focus on alfresco dining, which aligns perfectly with the design of Kambri, with its spacious outdoor areas.

We welcome the reopening of the following food and service retailers:

For specific trading hours, please click here


Asian Tiger
Azure Dragon
Ballistic Burrito
Coffee Lab
Craft Beans
Daily Market
Gangnam Lane
Hot Star
Mamas Palms
Rex Espresso
Sushi Smith
The Campus Bakery
What The Pho


aMBUSH Gallery
Club Lime
Commonwealth Bank (Atm Only)
Harry Hartog
National Health Co-Op
University Pharmacy
Z Cosme

Kambri is aligned with and guided by ANU, and over the coming months we will be following government directions in terms of lifting restrictions and adhering to policies.

Above all, it’s important for everyone to stay healthy and safe. You can do your part by:

  • following the restrictions on gatherings
  • maintaining a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from others
  • practicing good hand hygiene

We look forward to welcoming you back to Kambri – settle in and get your fix of whatever it is you missed the most – the caffeine/food/gym/gallery/bookshop awaits!