Take a virtual look at David and Noni Cragg’s exhibition, ‘Mirrung’, shown at aMBUSH Gallery, Kambri.

aMBUSH’s current exhibition has been digitised! You can now view ‘Mirrung’ from the comfort of your home. 

David and Noni Cragg are Sydney-based artists – a brother and sister duo inspired by their First Nations, Scottish and Irish background – who have combined their styles and talents for this unique exhibition.

Mirrung – meaning ‘belonging’ in Dharug, the Sydney language – is a vibrant show featuring rainbow-hued portraits of over a dozen Australian creatives, working across a variety of fields.

Their choice of subjects was a deliberate attempt to showcase the range of cultural backgrounds that make up Australia, and question the concept of what it means to be ‘Australian’, as well as explore notions of belonging, community, representation and intersectionality.

Also featured in the exhibition are solo works by David depicting dreamy Australian landscapes with radiant flora and fauna.

A classically trained painter, Noni studied at the National Art School in Sydney and has exhibited in a number of solo and group shows, developing a reputation for her intricate portraits.

David has a long background in graphic design and street art, having worked with some of Australia’s leading artists in this area, and studying at Bradfield Design College and the Design Centre in Enmore.

The pair have been painting and drawing together since they were children and have previously collaborated on shows, but this is their largest to date.

They worked collaboratively on the pieces displayed in ‘Mirrung’, each bringing their individual strengths and expertise to the portraits.

‘Mirrung’ is the first in a series of joint projects they have lined up, aiming to amplify diversity, First Nations narratives and connection to country.

In addition to viewing the works online here, you can watch an entertaining interview with David and Noni here where they discuss being emerging artists, exciting plans for the future, and the meaningful portraits that make up ‘Mirrung’.